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5 Best Tips for Digital Marketing Strategies

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5 top Digital Marketing strategies to get you more clients

Your Website Setup’s favourite Digital Marketing Strategies! Digital marketing is rapidly changing the landscape of website marketing and advertising. For Cost-effectiveness, a business can measure a digital marketing funnel easily. 

Having solid digital marketing strategies allows you to move more rapidly than ever before. With analytics, you can see near real-time results. You can also employ A/B testing and experiment until you find what works best for your particular business. 

Plus, you’re able to forge more personal relationships with potential customers. As digital and website marketing evolves, so too must the strategies employed by businesses and digital marketing agencies. The website marketing experts at Your Website Setup Brisbane are always keeping on top of the latest trends and changes to provide the best possible service to our clients.

1. Create Educational content strategy

As a digital marketing agency in Brisbane, we often get asked how businesses can best reach their target audience. The answer, more often than not, is through educational content.

What’s more, educating buyers has been proven to help convert sales. That’s because 80% of shoppers say they prefer to receive company information via articles over advertisements. In other words, they’d instead learn about your brand organically than through ads.

So if you want to reach and convert your target audience, take some time to study your analytics and research your competition. Make a list of topics related to your business and your target audience. 

Use these free tools to get content ideas. Then, create content that aims to provide value to your customers.

  1. Answer the Public: Enter your keyword and get suggested content ideas in seconds. 
  2. Bulk Keyword Generator: A convenient tool to create keywords in bulk.
  3. Keywords Everywhere: This excellent chrome add-on will add Google Adwords data to your Google Search Console reports.
  4. Key Search: This is a tremendous little paid keyword research tool with a free trial.
  5. Keyword Shitter: This is a fantastic bulk keyword generating tool.

Whether you share your blog or social media content, track its performance and adjust your content plan accordingly. Digital marketing is all about trial and error, so don’t be afraid to experiment until you find what works best for you and your business. 

2. Make the most of your email list- Newsletters do work!

Email marketing can have a tremendous ROI, with some studies showing that email marketing can generate as much as $44 for every $1 spent. That means there’s enormous potential for email marketing to be a crucial part of your digital marketing strategy.

Level up your email marketing game using:

  1. MailChimp
  2. Sendinblue
  3. Omnisend

To make the most of email marketing, start by building your email list. Offer a discount or free download for people signing up for your emails—host contests and giveaways to grow your list further. And make sure you plug your newsletter everywhere – on your website, on social media, and in any other communications with potential customers.

Once you have a sizable email list, it’s time to start planning your email marketing strategy. Keep subject lines short and sweet – people are more likely to open an email with a short, attention-grabbing subject line. Make emails interactive by including gifs and polls – this will help keep people engaged with your content. And personalise emails as much as possible – include details like the recipient’s name and other personalised information.

Finally, make sure your emails are mobile-friendly – more and more people are reading email on their phones, so it’s essential to format accordingly.

And don’t forget that your landing page is powerful for website marketing! We can help you with a landing page. Just let us know!

3. Use Social Media To Create Business Relationships

Social media platforms are a powerful tool used for marketing purposes. Most people under the age of 65 are active on at least one social media platform, making it an excellent place to share content and build a reputation. 

Customers use social media to inform their purchasing decisions: 54% of people on social media use it to research before purchasing, and 71% say social media referrals make them more likely to purchase. 

So if you’re not already using social media for your business, you’re missing out on free advertising. 


While you’re there, study the analytics and demographics to ensure  you’re sharing the right content for your target audience.

And don’t forget to create a Google Business Profile; it’s essential for any digital marketing strategy.

4. Share about a social cause

If you’re not sure what to share on your blog or social media, share about any social causes you stand for. Maybe you donate a portion of sales to a particular charity. 

Perhaps you have a monthly volunteer day for your employees. Maybe you’re going plastic-free with your packaging – whatever it is, share content related to the cause. Share why you care and how your audience can get involved. Most importantly, share how you’ll continue to support in the future and the impact of your support.

A social cause is a kind of cause-related marketing. It is a social issue that a business associates itself with to garner support from like-minded people and make a difference. There are quite a few social issues today, such as climate change, poverty, social injustice, etc. Companies usually pick social causes that they feel strongly about or fit their brand identity. A social cause can help a company’s social media strategy and digital marketing strategy.

When customers see that a company is involved in social causes, they are more likely to trust the brand and loyal to it. They are also more likely to share content related to the social cause, which will help increase reach and engagement.

Shares, likes, comments and other forms of engagement are significant, but they should not be the only metric used to measure the success of a social cause campaign. Real success should be judged by the impact on the social problem at hand. If a company can make even a tiny dent in the social issue, it has succeeded.

5. Use Google remarketing/retargeting

Remarketing, also called retargeting, is a digital marketing strategy that Google uses to show ads for your business on other sites. How Google retargeting works is by displaying ads on other sites that urge people who have already visited your webpage to buy the item they were looking for initially. 

Google search makes site visitors 70% more likely to buy. Google Remarketing is an effective way to ensure you don’t miss out on potential sales. When used as part of a broader digital marketing strategy, remarketing with Google can be a powerful tool to help you reach your desired audience and achieve your business goals.

Conclusion on Digital Marketing Strategies

If you own a business in the modern age, it’s time to get on board with digital marketing. Customers are increasingly looking online for business recommendations, and if you’re not visible, you’re missing out.

Good news is that there are several ways to get started with web marketing, even if you’re on a tight budget. One crucial way to get started is by optimizing your business website for search engines, and this will help ensure that potential customers can find your site when searching for businesses like yours. You can also use digital marketing to create and share engaging content on social media.

Study your analytics to see what’s working and what isn’t, and adjust your plan accordingly. With a bit of effort, you can up your digital marketing game and reach more potential customers than ever before.

If you have any questions on digital marketing strategies for your business, contact [email protected] or call 0422719627.

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