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we know how to GROW YOUR BUSINESS

Blenders of Art and Technology

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We Are Your Digital Partner In


Blending Branding and Technology

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We Create Engaging Websites 

Let's Make Web design music

Transforming Your Ideas Into Reality

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We Are Your Digital Partner

working with clients, not for them

Transforming Your Ideas Into Reality

bg services

We Create Engaging Websites 

websites that tell your story

Blending Art and Technology

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We Capture what's really important

let's capture your best you

We Transform Your Ideas Into Reality

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We Create Engaging Websites That

Capture your best you

Blending art and technology

bg services

Pack you're Bags and be part of our

digital crusaders of awesomeness

We Transform Your Ideas Into Reality

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We know how to get you noticed

We design stunning websites

We Transform Your Ideas Into Reality

bg services

We Create Engaging Websites 

Let's Capture the best you

We Transform Your Ideas Into Reality

We Design Stunning Websites That


We Design Stunning Websites That

We Design Stunning Websites That


We Design Stunning Websites That

We Design Stunning Websites That

GROW YOUR BUSINESS we design website

We Design Stunning Websites That

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Maintaining Your Website Can Be Daunting

Let us take care of any fixes or development and provide ongoing  maintenance, updates, and support

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Regardless of its size and scale of operations, website maintenance is crucial for any business. Your website is a universal window into your business’s work, nature, and ethics. 

The quality of a website can determine how the consumer perceives your products or services. A well-maintained website is essential for real-time service industries. 

All businesses require regular maintenance of their websites to attract and retain customers, sustain their search engine rankings and offer the latest information, products and services to the public. 

Regular website maintenance services is crucial to maintain the website’s value for years

YWS maintenance packages

Monthly Subscription
Monthly Subscription
Monthly Subscription

Your WordPress website everyday Inclusions!

Regular Updates

Keep your website up to date with the latest technology, features and safety requirements.

Meticulous Care

Your website will be maintained using experienced systems to avoid any issues.

Security Scan

We regularly monitor and scan your website for security and optimum performance.

Comprehensive Reporting

Receive regular reports about your website so you can track progress and changes.

You’re in Control

Never feel out of touch. You will always be fully aware of everything and can make decisions.

Phone & email support

Your team can email or call us for anything they need regarding your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your website may look simple on the surface, but a lot goes into the backend to ensure
it displays correctly, is secure and functions well.
Every Website needs fixes, updates, edits, improvements and everything in between.
Your Website Setups’s Website Maintenance Plans take care of all of these for you.

Your website plays a very important role in your marketing, customer service and sales
functions of your business. Your customers go there to learn more about your brand
and your products.
Therefore, you need your website to be fully functioning and safe so that it’s helping you
convert visitors into leads and paying customers.
Your Website Setups’s Website Maintenance Plans ensure that your website is working optimally so you can
focus more on growing your business, and leave all the technical factors to us.

Your Website Setups Website Maintenance Plans are a packed service so you get the best value. You pay a monthly fee for keeping your website updated. Non-contracted issues or special projects you will be charged between $85 – $100 per hour. During normal business hours of 9am – 5pm M/F. 

When you sign up for one of our packages, you and your team will be given access to our support team. From there, you can send emails for any requirements, or you can call
and email our team as needed.
We will get back with a response and a plan of action.

Website downtime and security breaches are quite common today and are the biggest
threat, not only to your website, but to your overall business.
You don’t want to put your customers in danger or have them not be able to find your
website, as this can severely affect your sales. This is why you need a Website
Maintenance Plan! If this was to happen, our team of WordPress
professionals can fix any issues for you.

Our packages are designed for a single website; however we welcome clients who have
multiple websites. If you have more than one site, we can tailor a custom package for
you to meet your needs.

Our packages are billed monthly upfront.
If you sign up for our Website Care Plan, you can set up a regular automatic credit card payment or a direct transfer. Each month, you will receive an invoice for your records.

Yes, you are not locked in. You simply need to give us a month’s notice to cancel your
next payment. 

– Additional Website Development
– Additional Design(s)
– Additional Web Content Services
– Additional or New Design/Layouts
– Additional Database Creation
– Additional Website Custom Programming
– Google Adwords or Other Online Marketing/Advertising
– Special Functionality
– External Application Integration
– Image Procurement
– Image Scanning

$529.20 (Yearly)
$745.20 (Yearly)
$961.20 (Yearly)

Our Most Popular Services

We have a wide array of services to choose from

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Site Backup

We will take complete backup of your website which include all of the core files, theme files, plugin files, and database
Image 7

Backup Restore

We can help you in restoring the backup of your website to its previous version without causing any errors.
unsplash iar afB0QQw

Malware Removal

If your website is not working due to malware and need it back again , then we will help you removing all kind of malware.
unsplash O2MdroNurVw

Theme & Plugin Update

WordPress help- update the outdated core files, theme files, as well as plugin files without causing errors in your website.

unsplash Q9 QEy1 jYI

Database Optimization

We can perform the database optimizations with a very unique approach which will help in making your data safe and reliable.
unsplash HUJDz6CJEaM

Speed Optimization

If your website running slow,
or have slow loading time,
then we can help you in increasing it’s speed to upto 100%.
unsplash 2kH 6T6x 0I

SSL Installation

Let us take the hassle out of installing your SSL Certificate. Our SSL experts can install your SSL Certificate on your web server.
unsplash 2Rd hwT2xQ0

PHP Compatibility

It is very important to update the PHP Versions so that your website runs smoothly. It helps in making it secure and less prone to hacking.
unsplash KiEiI2b9GkU

Website Changes

If you have small changes which you think need to be done quickly, then take our website change service.
unsplash 3GZNPBLImWc

Text Changes

Have small content update request, then we can help you. We can add anytype of content quickly to your website.
unsplash 7okkFhxrxNw

Image Changes

Are you not satisfied with some of the images used in your website? We can change the images in a very quick.
unsplash 2cFZ FB08UM

Product Addition

Do you have some products to add in your existing e-commerce website? Don’t worry, we can help you out with it.

Our Website Case Studies

Your Website setup creates beautiful hand-made affordable websites. Our website designs are built to engage visitors and grow your business online. See some of the latest and greatest websites from our talented web design and web development team.

Word on the Street

Beyond who we are and what we can build, we are about building relationships. We could talk for hours and boast about how good we are. The clients’ opinion however, has always been, and will always be, the most important thing to us.

Our Everyday Technology Stack

We know every facet of Web development inside-out. Our Design and development teams are experts at using strategic technology tools & platforms to design and develop beautiful looking web soluitions

How can we help you?

Interested In Working With US, Let’s Discuss Your Project!

If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency to help you get the most out of your online presence, look no further than Your Website Setup in Brisbane. We offer a comprehensive range of services, from ecommerce website design and development to mobile-friendly web design and website maintenance. Additionally, our unique superpowers for search engine optimization (SEO) and content management updates give us an edge in getting you noticed by your target audience. So whether you’re looking to increase sales, drive traffic to your website, or improve your online visibility, we can help. So if you’re looking for a team that genuinely understands what it takes to succeed online, get in touch with us today – we’d love to show you what we can do!

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