Case Study: Real Estate Website Design Using a Mobile First Design Real Estate Solution For a Better User Experience.


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Background and Challenge
Premium Residential, a real estate agency in Ascot, Brisbane, aimed to build a modern, captivating website to showcase their properties. Our research in the real estate industry revealed that many of their potential customers primarily used mobile devices for information. This highlighted the necessity for an aesthetically pleasing and mobile-responsive website to highlight their property listings. Crucially, for their real estate business, they also needed the ability to update their website with real-time property listings via a third-party feed, ensuring their audience was always presented with the latest available options.

To address this challenge, we took advantage of the flexibility of WordPress to build a modern, mobile-responsive platform from scratch. Our research indicated that a substantial portion of visitors interacted with the website using their mobile devices. Therefore, we decided to employ a mobile-first design strategy. In doing so, we concurrently developed designs for both desktop and mobile platforms. Consequently, this guaranteed an ideal user experience across all devices, offering a smooth browsing experience whether users are on the move or sitting at their desks.

Incorporating Key Features into the Real Estate Website for Enhanced User Experience

The design for the real estate website was carefully constructed from scratch, specifically with mobile users at the forefront of our thoughts. Recognising the significance of speed and effortless navigation on compact screens, we made a point to guarantee seamless loading. Additionally, we placed particular emphasis on intuitive navigation for mobile devices. Consequently, the end result is a website that not only looks good but also performs excellently, regardless of the device used to access it.

One of the essential features we developed for agents was the integration of property feeds from Inspect Real Estate and Easy Property Listings into the website. These feeds offer users real-time updates on Premium Residential’s property portfolio, including details about new listings and past data on properties that have been leased.

Having real-time property feeds is crucial for a real estate agent. It means that their clients can access up-to-the-minute information about available properties. This feature enhances transparency and allows potential buyers and renters to make well-informed decisions quickly. It saves them time, as they don’t have to constantly check for updates or wait for responses. For the agents, it means they can provide superior service to their clients, staying competitive in the fast-paced real estate market while also freeing up their time to focus on other aspects of their business.

The Impact of Understanding Audience Habits in Real Estate Website Design

The completed 
custom website design for the real estate agency is a clear example of a successful mobile-first strategy. It beautifully displays Premium Residential’s properties and ensures a smooth user experience on desktop and mobile devices. The addition of real-time property feeds has simplified the process for users to browse and select properties, which has led to increased engagement and potential customers for Premium Residential.

This project has shown that using a mobile-first strategy, careful design, and valuable features can significantly improve a real estate website’s user experience and efficiency. We’re committed to regularly checking and improving the website based on what we learn from user feedback and data analysis. This way, we can ensure the site stays an essential resource for Premium Residential in the competitive real estate industry.

Conclusion: Real Estate Website Design Project

This case study on real estate website design underscores how crucial it is to grasp your audience’s behaviours and preferences, especially when creating a site designed for agents. By implementing a mobile-first strategy, we developed a platform for Premium Residential that exceeded their expectations. The outcome was an engaging, easy-to-use platform that showcases their properties effectively.

Are you seeking a standout, affordable website for your real estate business? We are well-versed in the complexities of the real estate industry and can provide practical design solutions tailored to your needs. Whether you’re an agent seeking a platform to showcase your listings or a real estate agent wanting to enhance your online presence, we can create a user-friendly, mobile-responsive design that caters to your business and your audience.

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